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Learn About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your oils sourced from?

A: Our oils are sourced from where they are best grown.

Lavender we source from Bulgaria, lemongrass we source from India, orange we source from Florida, etc.....

Q: Are all your oils certified organic?

A: No, not all our oils are certified organic. Some of our oils are wildcrafted. This means they're grown in an area where they don't need pestiside control. With that said most of our oils are certified organic. You will see the red stamp showing certified organic on the label. This label has been given to us by Health Canada. Please note when shopping for essential oils on our website, they will be clearly listed if certified organic or not. 

Q: Do they work?

A: Our oils, sprays and remedy rollers all work very well. The key to this is consistant use. Follow the instructions on the remedy rollers. 

Each persons chemical makeup is different therefore the results vary from person to person. 

We have tried our best to formulate our remedy rollers to help most people with their top concerns. We cannot guarantee results from person to person as this varies depends on the person. 

Q: How long of a shelf life do your oils have?

A: Our essential oils have a shelf life of approximately seven to ten years. Our remedy rollers, and sprays have a shelf life of about a year and a half.

Essential oils are best stored in a dark, dry cool place. Shelf life is determined by the chemical composition of the essential oils. Some oxidize or evaporate more quickly then others. 

Essential oils are best when stored in a dark bottle with the lid on tightly. Some essential oils do well and last longer when refrigerated. Pure essential oils like ours do not go rancid, but over time they will gradually lose their therapeutic value and aromatic quality. 

To tell if your essential oil has deteriorated smell the oil. Has the aroma changed? Has the essential oil thickened? Has the essential oil become cloudy? These are all ways to tell if your essential oil has gone bad. 

Using essential oils that are going bad will not hurt you but they may cause more skin sensitivity and may not be effective. 

Q: How can I get a discount?

A: You can get a better price by ordering over $100 worth of product. This will eliminate shipping costs.

B: If you would like to order $200 or more each month you will receive wholesale prices. Ask us more for details. Our e mail is info@silvercoynepure.com

Q: Is there anyway to get FREE product?

A: Yes, home parties, or online shopping parties. E-mail us for details. info@silvercoynepure.com

Q: Are there any other ways to purchase your oils and/or products other than online?

A: Yes there are. We are in a few local shops. See our location page for information and addresses.

Q: How much will it be to ship my product to me?

A: We have a flat rate of $12.00 to all of Canada. If you purchase $100.00 or more shipping fees will be waived.

Wholesaler Agreement Form

  • *Under no circumstances are you allowed to removed our labels, rebottle or claim our oil as you own.
    *Under no circumstances are you allowed to purchase wholesale and re price at a higher cost then our retail price.
    *Must have minimum order of C$200.00 a month to maintain wholesaler status.