Your Source for Organic Essential Oils and Related Products

Your Source for Organic Essential Oils and Related Products
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About Us Victoria Sage and Michelle Gordon

We are both wives, mothers, daugthers and friends. We both live surrounded by farmland, pets, and children. When Vickys dog came back from the groomers to be told she had 8 ticks on her we came up with a natural essential oil formulation to help repel ticks and other bugs. We decided to share with others over social media. We recieved an alarming amount of orders that we gladly filled. Then we asked each other maybe we could bring other healthy products that work but, also be affordable. We were able to have the opportunity to partner with an aromatherapist team to bring certified organic essential oils to our customers. We expanded our product line to include remedy rollers and other sprays. We are so happy to share these products and our business adventure with all of you.


Thanks again for rushing my mosquito repellent order. Guess what the girls had a great time at camp, BITE free!!!!

Michelle Alphabec

Fantastic products! Haven't found a single tick on my fur babies since I started using your tick repellent. 

Trish Howard

Wow I love your essential oils. I have back pain and I have fell in love with the wintergreen for my pain. I also love diffusing the lavender. It smells wonderful.

Debbie Hoover

The headache roller works so amazing. The remedy rollers all work so well. Repeat customer here.

Connie Hoxar

Thank you so much ladies for my custom order of nipple cream. With a 10 day newborn and cracking nipples this stuff really saved me. Within 3 days the cracks were healed and the heat and soreness had subsided. I love that everyday my baby goes to nurse and he won't ingest anything with parbans/chemicals or additives.

Andria Sawatzky

I love these products. Everything I have tried works so well! Repeat customer here.

Jenn Milligan