All about Lavender

Lavender is the feature essential oil for the month of FEBRUARY.

Lavender is among the most versatile of all the essential oil.

It has a wonderful ability to soothe pain, and help heal wounds faster. Helps ease you into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Lavender got its name from the Latin word lavare, which means “to wash”, and Romans used it extensively “to wash and bath”.

Lavender is a favourite among many people.

Not all lavenders smell the same. We have picked the one we felt was fresh and sweet and that most would enjoy. We source our lavender from Bulgaria.

Many add lavender essential oil to a hot bath for a relaxing experience.

This oil is generally regarded as a safe oil for all to use.

We make an amazing organic lavender room spray that helps freshen a room and linen. We also have a sleep remedy roller where lavender is our main ingredient.

Our Organic Bulgarian 10ml Lavender essential oil is 20% off for the entire month of February. Our 10ml essential oil bottles contain 200 drops of pure essential oils. Get yours lavender today.

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